Mobile Welfare Units

What are Mobile Welfare Units?

Mobile welfare units are designed to provide warmth and shelter for your workers, providing numerous benefits for your employee wellbeing, morale and productivity. Mobile Welfare Units offer more convenience and flexibility than static welfare units as they are designed to be easily moved from one position to another as you require. Our mobile welfare units are mounted on wheeled trailers so that all you need to do is easily tow the unit behind your vehicle to move it to any site. We have also designed our mobile welfare units to be effortlessly able to be installed wherever you need so that you can install them yourself within 5 minutes.

What facilities do Mobile Welfare Units offer?

When hiring mobile welfare units, we understand that you want to save time and money, as well as ensuring the mobile welfare units provide adequate, comfortable facilities. To ensure this, our units feature a vital power generator, bathroom facilities, a drying room, wash station, seating area and small kitchen with all necessary cooking equipment, you can help to keep your workers happy wherever you are, increasing your productivity. During cold winter days, it is important that your workers can retreat to a comfortable area to relax and get warm, taking shelter from adverse weather conditions. Our mobile welfare units are fitted with a generator which means you can easily turn on the heater and quickly warm up in no time at all.

Mobile Welfare Units

Where can they be used?

In short, more or less anywhere you need them, regardless of whether you have access to mains power or water supplies. It is common for welfare facilities to be situated away from construction sites, which can be very inconvenient for workers. A mobile welfare unit can provide important catering and sanitary facilities on site for small or large groups of workers. If you have a factory that requires you to use an outdoor laboratory, mobile welfare units can help to store your laboratory equipment and materials.

If you are an archaeologist, it can be difficult to find sufficient catering and sanitary facilities as most archaeological jobs are performed outdoors in remote locations. Mobile welfare units help to provide workers with a valuable space to cool off and relax after spending long periods of time exposed to strong sunlight outdoors. Additionally, mobile welfare units help to provide archaeologists with catering facilities to allow them to easily prepare food and beverages whenever they require refreshments.

We can provide a range of mobile welfare units so whether space is required for a few people or hundreds of people, you can count on us to find you a mobile welfare unit that can support your specific needs at a reasonable price. We understand setting up a temporary office is not easy for any company so our legally compliant mobile wearable units can effortlessly take the stress away from providing a safe environment for your workers. For more information about our mobile welfare units, please do not hesitate to get in touch with friendly team of experts who will be more than happy to help.