Mobile Welfare Units

Our mobile welfare units can be transported quickly and easily as they can be towed to a location; they can be fixed in place within minutes, hence minimising time wasted which will reduce your costs as a result. These units are fully HSE compliant and they provide substantial comfort whilst using as little space as possible, thanks to their compactness.

The flexibility of mobile welfare units becomes easily apparent when you move to different sites. They can be towed to the desired location using an ordinary staff vehicle, with installation with one person taking no longer than five minutes. Our mobile welfare units are suitable for companies that work at a variety of sites, such as contractors. Working in a temporary location means that it is not possible a permanent structure can be built to cater to the needs of the workforce. Mobile welfare units can solve this issue in a matter of minutes, providing a prompt installation that includes all the facilities you may need.

Mobile Welfare Unit Facilities ;-

If you are expecting a sparsely equipped portable structure that will be ruined in the rain, this is not the case. Mobile welfare units contain a variety of comforts, including the following: toilet facilities, integrated diesel generator, food area, wash station, hot and cold water as well as a drying room. These flexible units can deliver all the features you need to keep your staff happy and productive. Health and Safety is important, the mobile welfare units include soap dispensers and paper towels as well as safe ventilation for the diesel generator and the toilet facility. They have integrated smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to protect users from health risks. Furthermore, they can contain a seating area for your employees and outlets for the use of electronic devices.

Mobile Welfare Units

In addition, the units have been designed with security in mind so that they remain safe when left on-site. The strong steel construction of these units and their locking mechanism means that they are resistant to vandalism, meaning that they can be left overnight at the current site. The double point locking mechanism secures the hydraulic controls and the tow coupling, meaning that the unit is not going anywhere unless you want it to.

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